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At this time in this galaxy...

On February 1, 2019 a bright meteor crossed the sky over Cuba in the
middle of the day. The phenomenon, which was followed by a smoke trail (a
characteristic cloud left by the burn in the atmosphere of a meteoroid)
and a ...

Astronomers have spent decades looking for something that sounds like it
would be hard to miss: about a third of the "normal" matter in the
Universe. New results from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory may have
helped them ...

NASA is accelerating plans to return Americans to the Moon, and this time,
the US space agency says it will be there to stay.

European astronomers have spotted a giant white-light flare on the
ultracool L dwarf designated ULAS J224940.13-011236.9. The newly detected
flare is one of the largest flares ever observed from an ultracool dwarf.
The discovery ...

What is a black hole? In an article that has just appeared in the journal
Nature Astronomy, LMU philosopher Erik Curiel shows that physicists use
different definitions of the concept, depending on their own particular
fields ...

Queen Mary University of London has led a study which describes the first
direct measurement of how energy is transferred from the chaotic
electromagnetic fields in space to the particles that make up the solar